The heart of teaching

The topic of this year’s congress is The Heart of Teaching.¬†

The preliminary agenda will be updated according to the agreements with relevant partners and experts.

If you wish to suggest a speaker or a workshop, please get in touch with us.

We’ve divided the program into¬† five sub-topics, each one represented by its own distinct colour in the program.


Hospital Teaching

Hospital Teaching

Our aim is to ensure that every young person with an illness receives an education that is comprehensive, of the highest quality and covers all their individual needs. Also to promote the development of teaching in hospitals, and in general the education of children with medical conditions, and to encourage liaison with other professions working in this field of education or related fields.



We recognize that teaching and teachers are central to engagement and need to create rich educational experiences that challenge students’ ideas and stretch them as far as they can go. To become engaged, students must feel they are accepted and affirmed. Engagement cannot just be promoted, it must also be maintained.

Alternative education

Alternative Education

Young learners in hospitals need the additional support that an alternative education program can provide such as individualized attention, counseling services, case management and more. The goal of alternative education is to help a student succeed in their school work and discover healthy ways of behaving. We strongly believe that alternative education can help children build a healthy foundation for learning with the support of behavioral and therapeutic sessions.

Key-note speaker: Ben Furman



We believe that it’s important to promote and encourage research in all aspects of hospital teaching and education of students with medical conditions and to publicise examples of good practise.

Key-note speech: “Am I therapeutic? Exploring the significance of the hospital teacher role in the recovery process” by Marianthi Papadimitriou from University College London



It is highly important that the studying and teaching becomes more interesting and interactive. We believe that technology can bring revolutionary changes in the way we are teaching and learning. The development of digital skills must become a natural part of studies. Every student must have the opportunity to acquire the necessary technological literacy already in the school, it is one of the 21st century skills that we cannot live without.

Key-note speech: E-Estonia presentation

Info on workshops coming soon!


HOPE (Hospital Organisation of Pedagogues in Europe) is a European non-profit organisation whose main aim is to support educational rights of hospitalised children according to their individual needs in a suitable environment.

The organisation also works to ensure this education for the sick child convalescing at home.

The first European congress took place in 1988 in Ljubljana (Slovenia), to promote and encourage research in all aspects of hospital teaching and publish examples of good practice.